Let it go… we’ve been Frozened 

My 16 month old has been FROZENED against my will! 

She loves singing and we have had Disney Junior on none stop since she could sit up but I have avoided Frozen. For a reason.  

The Frozen mania seems to be a subliminal brainwashing. We went to Disneyland Paris when Emilie was 9 weeks old and the Frozen hysteria was insane. 

At that time Emilie was less than impressed and spent her day vomiting and sleeping. Her piece de resistance was her double whammy poo and spew whilst we were wedged in the crowd waiting for the Disney parade!

About a month ago she saw a Frozen poster and went crazy. How? What? Why? 

So one day, I was all Peppa Pigged out and so I decided to pop the film on. She was like a moth to the flame. Dancing and humming to the tune. Already drawn into the mystique and magic of Anna and Elsa. There was no going back. But how? Is there some truth in the subliminal brainwashing that I’ve heard parents talk about??

A few days later I dropped her off at nursery to be greeted by ‘Let it Go’ being blasted and everyone singing along. ”Oh yeah we listen to it every day!” I was told… much to my dismay. 

So that explains it. 

The next day I put it on again and she was singing ‘Let it go’ at the top of her voice. 16 Months old and singing ‘Let it go!’ Yes it is cute. And she hasn’t stopped since!

I have been a Disney fan all my life and so I’m not sure why I was avoiding Frozen. Partly I didn’t want to be sucked into the commercial mania but I’ve seen it first hand now and will have to just ‘let it go’. She officially loves it. 

Yesterday we took her to see Frozen Disney on Ice. She loved it. (So did I). Yes it was commercial and a money making extravaganza (£8 for a helium balloon… we didn’t buy one) but it was one of the highlights of my motherhood journey so far. 

She is 17 months now and the pure joy and excitement on her face when she saw Mickey and Minnie was almost as exhilarating as the first moment she was placed in my arms. I cried seeing her so happy. 

She loved Olaf and laughed every time he was on and she was literally star struck in a trance when Elsa was singing ‘Let it go’. She blasted out one line in unison but then sat transfixed. 

It is so easy to moan about motherhood. The sleepless nights, the sickness, the whinging and crying. But all of that paled into insignificance when I saw the look of amazement and pure joy on her face. 

She looked beautiful in her little Anna dress and I was so excited to dress her up. Amongst a sea of Elsas she stood out as easily the youngest Anna. (My mum bought her the dress from Florida this year!) She twirled and spun and laughed and was just so happy. 

It was also a special moment to experience this with my mum too. Emilie loves Nannie and for the three of us to be together it was really special. Often mum has Emilie on her own and it is actually rare that the three of us are together so it was just perfect. 

We enjoyed overpriced popcorn and hotdogs… danced along to the snowman dance. Waved to all of our own childhood favourites and for that few hours I believed they were real too!

Roll on Disneyworld!!!! 



Welcome to my blog and thanks for joining me. Mum to Emilie age 2 going on 21! This is the blog of my journey throughout motherhood and all the fun along the way.

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