Happy Blogiversary to me

This time last year I bravely published my first ever Blog post ‘Hitting the Bottle’.  At the time I was just about surviving in a smog of sick and milk.  I was finding being a new mummy  exhilarating and exhausting, delightful and depressing in equal measure.

Having not written for over 12 years I had finally plucked up the courage to write.  And how glad I am that I did.

As you will know I am a 35 year old English teacher and new Mum to Emilie Rose born in June 2015 and step-mum to Connor who is 7. After many years of singledom, failed relationships and masses of fun with friends in between I have found my little family with Dan and couldn’t be happier. But after all those years of pleasing myself, striving for work promotions – working hard and playing hard – suddenly the reality of motherhood is somewhat of a shock to the system. This is the blog of how I move from career headed to mother headed and all the fun along the way.

The Blog has taken me on a journey and although not exactly what I originally had in mind I have found that the blog has healed me in many ways.  It helped me to deal with the anxieties and questions linked with being a new mum, made me be honest with myself about what Iwas finding  difficult and much to my surprise created some very postive reactions from readers.  To receive such positive feedback on my writing was so uplifting. 

Being told that my writing is funny, hilarious, emotional and takes other people on a journey is more than I could have hoped for.  I haven’t hit the big time, gone viral or joined the ‘Super-blog-mum’ ranks, but what I write is primarily for me and so if my writing touches even one other person then that is successful.

This year I have:

Spewzilla    vlog


All of this is alongside bringing up my baby, returning to teaching and surviving on broken sleep as the baby still doesn’t sleep through!

Needless to say, I am pretty pleased with myself.  I still have lots more ideas and inspiration, unfortunatley the older the baby gets, the more limited my time becomes.  Long gone are the days when she would sleep in the bouncer and I could indulge in my blog.  But thankfully gone are the countless sick stories as the Reflux has cleared.  (Although we did have 12 hour sickness bug this weekend so we’ve not hung up our muslins just yet!)

Today I attended a literary festival #Gladfest16 at Gladstone’s Library.  It was a truly inspiring day.  It took me back to my University days, listening to lectures on Dystopian/Apocolyptic fiction and Flash Fiction.  Hearing authors talk about their latest novels gave me the buzz and even stronger desire to fulfill my life long ambition to write a novel.  

But what to write? 

That is the question.  Do I continue my journey through ‘The Little Book of Sick’ or do I return to my first love of fiction?

So here I am.  A mother, teacher and writer.  Thank goodness I found my words and thank goodness I had to guts to write them.

Happy Blogiversary to me.





Welcome to my blog and thanks for joining me. Mum to Emilie age 2 going on 21! This is the blog of my journey throughout motherhood and all the fun along the way.

3 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary to me

  1. Well done you!! Blogging can have such a positive effect on your life and it clearly has for you. Well done too for making it through a year. I started my blog when my baby was three months old and I didn’t keep it up. It’s only this year I’ve really felt I’ve had the time, energy and determination to go for it. The sky’s the limit. I hope you have as equally fulfilling next twelve months. #fartglitter


  2. Happy blogiversary lovely! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we both started out on this blogging adventure together? You have achieved so much in that year and I look forward to seeing where your blog takes you next. Dawn x


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