Is she sleeping through yet…? Are you having another…?

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13 months in and I can count on one hand the amount of times she has slept through the night.

I wrongly assumed that she’d be sleeping by now.  My Mum and mum-in-law assured me that we were sleeping through by six weeks and so I was convinced that my baby would be the same… sadly not.  Of all the things that I have had to adapt and deal with the hardest thing has had to be the lack of sleep.  I remember when she was five and a half weeks old and saying to my other half, “Everyone said she’d be sleeping through by about six week…”  Well here we are over a year in and she still wakes at least twice a night.

 The Night time cuddle

I secretly like getting up with her.  Now she is so big and crawling and on the go non-stop that I never get her still.  She doesn’t snuggle and lie in my arms any more. She is ready to worm her way off at any opportunity.  But at night she is all mine.  She wakes; I scoop her up and kiss her head.  She has some of her bottle and then we have our little routine.  She turns and snuggles into my chest, we have a little cuddle and then she goes back down to sleep.  When she was tiny I used to cradle her in my arms, then I could balance her on one arm, soon she was propping up on me and now she turns, straddles me and rests her head in my chest.  It is our special time and I love it.  I kiss her head, tell her I love her and she murmurs off to sleep.  I only hold her for a few minutes, but no matter how tired I am I have that special minute with her, as one of these days she will sleep through and I may not get my special moment again.

But surely she will sleep through soon… won’t she?

The Night Vom

Since the Reflux moved on and we started to live normal sick-free life the day to day has become so much easier.  No more endless changes of clothes and the washing pile has reduced substantially.  However every now and again night time stealth voms still takes me by surprise.  Twice in the last few weeks I have been attacked by a vom attack in the middle of the night.  Both times during the heatwave so sleeping au natural… hmm lovely.

Thirsty, hungry or habit?

Every night when she wakes she wants her bottle.  No matter how much she eats and drinks in the day I cannot get her off her night-time bottles.  What am I doing wrong? Everyone seems to have words of wisdom but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere.  Water is shoved out of my hand… I can’t just ease her off with a dummy and so the quickest and easiest option is to give her a quick bottle and then she goes straight back down to sleep.  If I was breastfeeding it wouldn’t be seen as unusual so why do I feel like a failure?

She just loves her bottle.  That’s the main thing.  She enjoys her bottles and soon slips back off to sleep.  Surely if she is happy and content then giving her a bottle in the night can’t be doing her any harm.  Of course I’d love to get a straight 10 hours (who am I kidding, I’d settle for 8) but she goes down to sleep easily and wakes up at a reasonable hour most days.  I don’t think I could hack 5am starts so for now a few night time get up and a sleep in til 7/8 ish and I am functioning fine.

God help me when I go back to work though!

If you have any tips or advice on how to get her to start sleeping through I’d love to hear them.



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3 thoughts on “Is she sleeping through yet…? Are you having another…?

  1. ah I remember all those blinkin questions too! people have stopped asking us re another. my boy is 3. it isn’t off the cards forever tho lol! I think our son was 18 months or so before he gave up his bedtime milk. we did a dream feed with a bottle until 12 months or so. he wanted it and he slept after 🙂 do what works 🙂 #bestandworst x


  2. Ohhh it is so tricky isn’t it! I would say that the bottle is probably more habit and if you want her to stop you need to be strong – it takes 3 days to break a habit apparently and I reckon if you can get through 3 tough nights it should work. We had to wean Alfie off his dummy and it didn’t go too badly but making those decisions are tough.Good luck and thanks for linking up #bestandworst


  3. Yes, mine were over a year before they started sleeping through too. Youngest just turned 2 & some nights still wakes a couple of times, others doesn’t. I do think there is something in what you say though – mine don’t go to bed super early, & one doesn’t always sleep all night, but both generally sleep past 8am. Generally people I know who have kids who go to bed early & sleep solidly all night, do also have the 5-6am risers. Perhaps there is always a pay off somewhere! Like you, I do actually prefer a bit of getting up in night or going down late to starting every day at 5am! #bestandworst


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