I’m 9 Months Mummy

I’m 9 months old Mummy.  Can you believe it is 9 months since I first met you?  But I knew you for a long time before that.  I’ve been with you now as long as I was inside you.  For 9 months it was just you and me.  9 months where you gave me everything and kept me safe.  I know I made you sick, but it was all worth it… wasn’t it?

I liked it when it was just you and me.  When you used to stroke your tummy, I could feel your hands.  It was a bit squashy in there.  Sorry that I used to kick your ribs and stab you, but I had to try and have a stretch.  You kept me safe and warm in there.  I used to like the sound of your heart beating; it made me sleepy and made me feel warm and safe.  That’s why I like cuddling you now.  Sometimes when I wake up in the night, I miss the sound of your heart.  That’s why when you cuddle me I feel so much better.  I don’t ever want to be apart from your safe heartbeat.

You have been teaching me how to do lots of things.  I really like playing clap hands. It is so much fun and it makes you so happy every time I do it.  Sometimes, I know you want me to, but I pretend I can’t do it on purpose.  High Five is fun too.  That’s our special game that just me and you can play.  I know you wanted me to say Mamma first, but you know what Daddy’s like, he would sulk.  So I said Dadda. I miss him when he is at work and I know you do too as you talk about him a lot.

We do lots of fun things together.  I love music and I love Rhythm Time.  When I was in your tummy I used to like hearing music, it made me feel safe.  I remember when we went to watch Aunty Kelly in the lead in South Pacific.  I recognised her voice and loved the music which is why I danced, spun and kicked non-stop for the entire show.  Now I like it when Aunty Kelly sings and plays music for me.  She is so much fun.   I loved playing with her and dancing on holiday.

I like the classes that I go to with you, we get special time together.  Baby Sensory is so much fun – every week there is a new surprise.  I love being on your knee as I can have a nosey and see what all of the other babies and mummies are doing.  I love smiling and laughing at others.  But grown-ups are weird.  They always pull weird faces and use a strange voice when they speak to me – weird.

For ages I didn’t like Tummy Time. I don’t know why you kept making me do it.  I couldn’t lift my head, I couldn’t move my arms so I just lay there.  I’ve heard you joking saying that I looked like I was being arrested – I’m not sure what you meant.  So I just cried until you picked me up again.  But you were right.  Being on my tummy is fun.  I have finally learned how to hold my head up and I’m doing my best to crawl.  I had lots of practice on holiday!  I like shuffling round on my bottom too!  It’s great because now I can lean and get my toys on my own and I can roll from side to side.  It’s fun… well apart from at night when I keep getting stuck on my tummy.  I just can’t seem to get back!  Sorry I woke you up so many times the other night… I know six times in three hours is a bit of a joke… I’ll try my best to roll back from now on!

I’m eating lots of big girl food now.  I know I used to make you re-blend the jars, but I honestly didn’t like those lumps.  They felt weird in my mouth.  And I am sorry that I had a melt-down when you tried to feed me your own home made spag-bol.  It was weird.  I don’t know why but it just didn’t taste like the jars.  I appreciate that you spent ages cooking, blending and re-blending the food and that it is a much cheaper and healthier option… but I’m quite happy with the jars.  I also will be continuing to kick off it you try to fob me off with carrot and swede again… and as for your roast dinner… well it tasted like fart in a pouch… is there any wonder that I instantly vomited it on Aunty Kelly?  I loved trying all the new foods on holiday.  It is so much better eating with my hands and trying lots of things.  I don’t mind you feeding me sometimes, but I am a big girl now and if I want to do it myself then I should.

I am 9 month old.  I will soon be a big girl.  I am going to practice lots of new things.  I will try some new food and I will carry on trying to learn new things.  But promise me one thing.  If I still need you in the night, please don’t be mad.  Sometimes I just miss you.  Sometimes I just want a cuddle and I just like lying in your arms and drinking my bottle.  I’ll try not to wake you and I’m sorry that when it’s Daddy’s turn to feed me that I sometimes forget to wake up.  I know you like sleep… but i like seeing you in the night, after all, we did have 9 months just the two of us.  I am still your baby and I need my mummy.

Thanks for looking after me for the last 9 months, it has been much more fun than the 9 months on the inside!

I love you Mummy.

P.S I’m sorry for all of the times that I have been sick on you… but you really should change those leggings!



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