Christmas time… Vomit and Wine…

So here we are… it’s Christmas… time for shopping, wrapping presents, baking mince pies (yeah right) … and cleaning up sick… putting on that hundredth load of washing because unfortunately Miss Spewzilla has made a reappearance this week.  We’ve had Projectile Porridge, Cottage Cheese Cot and my favourite… the Supergirl Spew on Daddy!  He was flying her and she vommed on him (– he he he… About time he was on the receiving end – he immediately passed her back to me… say no more!)

The Little Book of Sick 2

Vomit and Christmas go hand in hand really though don’t they?  Granted it is usually mine.  There’s nothing quite like trying to stomach your Christmas Dinner with the remnants of the Christmas eve kebab and shots of god know what still churning is there?  Thankfully I never got so bad that I couldn’t eat my dinner… think my Mum would have killed me!

This time last year, I was (soberly) excitedly counting down to Christmas… and looking at Baby’s first Christmas decorations and imagining putting them on our tree next year.  Wondering what our baby would look like.  We went for the 12 week scan before going to a Christmas Pantomime.  I cried with relief when I saw our baby for the first time.  I had been so ill that in that moment it was all worth it.  From Week 7-14 I was horrendously sick with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. (Prolonged severe vomiting.) As the Doctor said, “Well if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton… It’s good enough for you… But I’d cancel any royal engagements for a while.” 

And I did!  (After I’d thrown up at two restaurants I gave up on eating out!)  The first time I didn’t even make it out of the restaurant before I threw up the delicious three course menu and then drove home with a bucket on the seat! (I had gone prepared).  The second meal out I did make it out of the restaurant, but only as far as the car park.  Damn that fresh air.  I literally vomited the length of the car park with several sick stops!  What a waste of money and good food!

Morning sickness?  If only.  I was so sick.

Sick, sick and sick some more.

It put quite a dampner on the lead up to Christmas.  Not only was I tee-total due to the pregnancy, but then on top of that I couldn’t eat!  Me… not eat! I NEVER lose my appetite!  I have eaten my way through hangovers, colds and flu over the years… this was honestly the only time in my life that I lost my appetite.  I couldn’t even swallow.  It is ironic that I have ended up with a Refluxer as I spent the first 14 weeks thrutching, being sick and with acid reflux… (Maybe there is something in that.)  I had my giant bottle of Gaviscon next to the bed and a spare bottle in work.  I gave up on measurements and would just swig out of the bottle.

The day after I found out I was pregnant my own Spewzilla chronicles began.  I was in my classroom and felt a new (which became very familiar) wretching feeling inside.  OH NO.  It was coming up and there was nothing I could do about it.  I dashed to the toilet and just made it in time…. Well, just in time to spray the mirror and walls with mint choc chip (I’d been doing a milkshake diet) Needless to say, I won’t be enjoying Mint chock chip again!  It was up the walls, all over the seat and all down my dress.  Pretty much how I spent the next 7 weeks of my pregnancy and ironically how my Mini Spewzilla spent her first 7 weeks of life.

From that day I threw up a rainbow of colours making the mistake of trying tomato soup, wotsits and orange juice… eventually I accepted that brown foods were the way forward and the only food that stayed down was Meat and Potato pasties… I would stock pile them from Sayers and was forced to survive on them. (Well that’s my excuse anyway.)

So last year I was mopping up sick and this year I am doing the same but with my mini me.  Today, I partook in some reckless parenting and gave her a 6am bottle without Gaviscon.  This backfired (LITERALLY) three times.  Baby Spewzilla popped up to wish us a Merry Christmas.

So this Christmas I will be embracing an array of festive bibs, a rotation of comedy fancy dress costumes and keeping the baby wipes on hand… just in case!Xmas LWR 3

Xmas LWR 2

So to all the Refluxers out there…

“We wish you a Merry Christmas and a spew free New Year.”

And to all my lovely readers… who may be sick through overindulging this Christmas time…

“ ‘Tis the season to clean up sick fa la la la laaa la la laaa”

 “And the bells were ringing out for Hangover day…”

Tree 2

I’ve been listening to some of my favourite Christmas songs and thought you might like to join in with some of these over the festive season….

Awake in a Manger

Awake in a manger, clean sheets in the bed,
The little Spewzilla laid down her sweet head.

The stars in the nursery looked down where she lay,
The little Spewzilla asleep, hip hooray.

The muslins are waiting, the baby awakes,
But little Spewzilla pained crying she makes.

I love you, Spewzilla, look down as you cry
And mop up your vomit ‘til morning is nigh.

Be near me, Spewzilla, I love you and pray
For clean clothes and no sick, just for today.

Bless all Reflux children in our tender care,
And thank you to Gaviscon, for helping us there.

Reflux Claws is Coming to Town

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Reflux Claws is coming to town

You’re packing a bag
And changing her twice
Cleaning up sick is nasty not nice
Reflux Claws is coming to town

He wakes you when you’re sleeping
He screams when you’re awake
Some days they will be bad or good
Oh be good for goodness sake!

Oh! You better watch out!
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Reflux Claws is coming to town
Reflux Claws is coming to town


Reflux Baby

Reflux baby, just slip a muslin under the tree for me;
You’re an awful bad girl, Reflux baby,
Don’t wake my little baby tonight.

Reflux baby, a pack of bibs and gaviscon too, It’s true;
I’ll wait up for you, dear; Reflux baby,
Don’t wake my little baby tonight.

Think of all the sleep I’ve missed;
Think of all the dreams that I haven’t kissed;
Next year I could be asleep… if you check off my Christmas list.

Reflux baby, I want a clean cot and that’s not a lot;
Been an angel all year; Santa baby,
Don’t wake my little baby tonight.

Reflux honey, one little thing I really need…
The lead… for a new washing line, Reflux baby,
Don’t wake my little baby tonight .

Reflux cutie, fill my stocking with giggles and smiles;
Sign your ‘X’ on the line, Reflux cutie,
Don’t wake my little baby tonight .
Come and wave goodbye to me, it’s time you went so we can all just be free;
I really am disliking you;
Let’s see if you’ll be nice to me…

Reflux baby, forgot to mention one little thing… I’ll sing…
Yes I’ll sing on my own; Reflux baby,
Don’t wake my little baby tonight.

Don’t wake my little baby tonight.
Don’t wake my little baby tonight.





Welcome to my blog and thanks for joining me. Mum to Emilie age 2 going on 21! This is the blog of my journey throughout motherhood and all the fun along the way.

6 thoughts on “Christmas time… Vomit and Wine…

  1. Haha these are great – I was also horrendously sick for the first two trimesters of my pregnancy and i hit the third and it was like a switch went off :p loving the alternative songs though! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again in the New Year xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel your pain! I had terrible morning sickness with all of my pregnancies – like you say – morning? Mine always stopped at around 20 weeks. And yes, babies are synonymous with sick! Loved this post, it made me laugh 🙂 Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas! #KCACOLS


  3. Ugh, the sickness – the first few months were absolutely horrendous. I didn’t get through a single meeting in work without having to excuse myself to go and be sick. I’m no better with the baby sick though. I can take the wee, and the poo, and the slobber but as soon as there’s sick involved I’m just like holding her out at arms length and handing her off to daddy… lol. #KCACOLS


  4. I feel your pain! Being pregnant over Christmas is pretty rubbish, but having morning sickness and being pregnant over Christmas is just not fair, which has been my predicament this year. Im not sure if the trade for you this Christmas is better or worse, but at least you see the humour in it 😉 #KCACOLS

    Liked by 1 person

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