Baby Free Bonanza #WickedWednesday

#Wickedwednesday 30th September

Wow last week was my first #wickedwednesday.  I had lots of fun looking at other peoples’ pictures like’m not technical enough to add a snazzy link)

Brummymummyof2 very kindly gave me a shout out for last weeks contribution, my Reflux Crack Den.

Thank you to all those who added some funny and kind comments.  I still haven’t cleaned away the evidence and the daily grind of Reflux continues now with the added fun of hours of screaming! (She keeps the material coming.)

So here is today’s contribution…

Baby free happiness
Baby free happiness

This weekend was by birthday – see my article

Birthday Sick and

The Unofficial Liverpool Cocktail Guide more insights into my life before and after baby.

So for this week I will revel in the memory of a day in clean clothes, wearing heels and having adult conversation with my other half for over 8 hours!

Happy Birthday to me.

P.s She hasn’t stopped crying since.

P.P.S I think she can detect hangovers.




Welcome to my blog and thanks for joining me. Mum to Emilie age 2 going on 21! This is the blog of my journey throughout motherhood and all the fun along the way.

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