Hitting the Bottle.

It’s not unknown for me to crack open a bottle at 4am.  For years, 4am was considered early and if Emma (my best mate and partner in festival, holiday and drinking crime) had anything to do with it – we weren’t allowed home ANY earlier than 4am.  So many a weekend I have ordered a bottle of Reef, WKD in Level at the bargain price of £1 a bottle – complete of course with a shot of Apple Sours and a Cheeky Vimto for good measure – well they are only a £1.

So you can imagine it is somewhat of a shock to the system when the bottles that I am cracking at 4am nowadays are Tommee Tippees complete with a shot of Gaviscon Infant.  Bottles and sick have begun to go hand in hand and so as I mopped up the cottage cheese gloup that Emilie regurgitated at 5am the day after our return from a wonderful holiday in France – this got me to thinking of all the many different ways that my nights at 5am involved sick… and they didn’t involve Gaviscon.

Over the years I have never ‘learned my lesson’ and despite the hell ‘there’s always a next time’ and the next hangover was just around the corner.

Now as I contemplate the sanctity of sleep versus the hell of a hangover I realise – my little book of sick stories may finally have to grow up.  After years of pleasing myself – festivals, concerts, holidays, backpacking, repping, university, hen nights, weddings and a million nights out in between – I have now found a different type of pleasure. My baby and my family.  It’s her head that I will be holding and her sick that I will be cleaning – but I will not forget my past and the old me is still there – although smelling of baby sick and looking a lot more tired!

So from hereon-in I will begin ‘The Little Book of Sick’  I will reflect on the experiences that shaped my life and brought me to where I am today and I will reflect on how my new life has changed as I battle nappies, bottles and the dreaded reflux.

It’s poetic justice really that my baby should be a sickie baby. After all her Mum has been writing ‘The Little Book of Sick’ stories for years.  So here goes… Now where is the muslin cloth?

Up yours reflux!
Up yours reflux!


Welcome to my blog and thanks for joining me. Mum to Emilie age 2 going on 21! This is the blog of my journey throughout motherhood and all the fun along the way.

3 thoughts on “Hitting the Bottle.

  1. Hi Louisa, I have tried contacting you on Facebook but don’t think you have recieved them due to privacy settings. Can you email me using my address provided please x


  2. Hi Louisa, long time no see, I used to work with you at The Deanery. Wow, your life has certainly changed! I loved reading your blog, it really made me smile and brought back all my labour and early years memories, brilliant read! Xx


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